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Experience. Engage. Enlighten.

Artful Travelers is a unique travel organization that combines culture and current events to present celebrations in art, education, and travel, intended for those who value extraordinary life experiences.

On Artful Travelers’ acclaimed voyages, participants meet and interact with top public broadcasting personalities and their featured guests at panel discussions and presentations in the areas of politics, culture, personal finance, health and wellness and more. Fans and supporters of public broadcasting in America travel with like-minded individuals and enjoy exclusive access to some of the nation’s brightest minds. Esteemed guests have included Gwen Ifill (Washington Week), Leigh and Leslie Keno (Antiques Roadshow), Ric Burns (New York: A Documentary Film), Jac Venza (Great Performances), and Scott Simon (Weekend Edition).

Who We Are

With Artful Travelers, each program team consists of an Artful Travelers Air and Travel Partner, Program Manager, Program Coordinator, Research and Development Planner, and Creative Services including a dedicated Web Designer and Content Manager.

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What We Do

At Artful Travelers, our goal is to create unforgettable, life-defining moments by connecting our clients through art and travel and, most importantly, through people who are at the forefront of culture, history, politics and food and entertainment. 

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