Spotlight on Wine

Celebrate California's Best Wines and Winemakers Aboard the #1 Cruise Line in the World.

A Spotlight on Wine sailing with Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Artful Travelers provides the incredible opportunity to celebrate the world of the Harlan Estate, Napa Valley's premier winemakers.

This 13-night itinerary aboard the luxurious Regent Seven Seas Mariner will explore the winegrowing world of the Harlan family of Napa Valley, the producers of Harlan Estate, Bond, Promontory, and The Mascot wines. The family’s present vineyard holdings began in 1984 with the purchase of the first parcels of Harlan Estate, which comprises 240 acres of natural splendor in the western hills above the fabled Oakville bench lands.

H. William Harlan, the founder of the family’s winegrowing vision, is also co-owner of Meadowood Napa Valley Resort and Spa, as well as The Napa Valley Reserve – a members-only viticultural estate in the very heart of wine country. Mr. Harlan—arguably the most influential figure in Napa Valley—is a one-time adventurer who raced motorcycles, taught flying lessons, docked a schooner on seven continents, and played professional poker. In 1975, he founded Pacific Union, one of the premiere real-estate development and brokerages in the San Francisco Bay Area. Several years later, he began to pursue his long-held dream of being in the wine business and began to acquire property in Napa with the object of establishing a “first growth of California.” In the 1990s, the result of his efforts, Harlan Estate, helped to reset the expectations of critics and collectors around the globe with respect to the quality and expressiveness of Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.

The winegrowing endeavors of the Harlan family have since grown in reputation and recognition and are now considered to be some of the finest in the world. Robert Parker said, "These wines possess all the elements of greatness—individuality, power combined with elegance, extraordinary complexity, remarkable aging potential, and compelling richness without ponderousness."   

Amanda Harlan, Mr. Harlan’s daughter, will be the family ambassador for onboard Harlan experiences during the voyage to Alaska. Her brother, Will, who has been responsible for founding Promontory—the first winery of the Harlan family’s to receive visitors—will host the BOND tasting flights and the Promontory Wine Dinner at Prime 7, the ship's acclaimed steakhouse. Phillip Norfleet, Director of The Napa Valley Reserve, will host a special pairing dinner in French culinary favourite Charteuse. 

The various tastings and meals will be complimented by presentations about the history of the Harlan family endeavors and of winegrowing in Napa Valley. Guests will also be treated to a special shore excursion featuring the best wines of Oregon during a stop in Astoria. Additional activities to be announced.

Simply mention the PROMO CODE: WINE or select the Spotlight on Wine Activity Extension under shore excursions when booking your Pacific Northwest Summer voyage for access to all complimentary events.

You also have the extraordinary opportunity to participate in Spotlight on Wine Exclusive Events, including a Promontory paired dinner at Prime 7, sampling of flight of Bond and Napa Valley Reserve paired lunch in Chartreuse. Add the Spotlight on Wine Exclusive Events participation under shore excursion activities for $849 per person when booking your Pacific Northwest Summer voyage.

3-Day Harlan Estate Pre-Cruise Program

As an additional offering, a special three day pre-cruise experience will be a fantasy for any Regent Seven Seas guest with a passion for food and wine. The Napa Valley has its own magic and reputation as the premiere winemaking region in the world. Access to the Harlan Family domain and the 5-star Meadowood Resort and Spa will be the key differentiator for anyone who has visited California wine regions or ever experienced wine tasting and food pairing dining experiences. With a special tour of the Auction Napa Valley and the exclusive Napa Valley Reserve, this “pre-sail” program will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to see and experience the very best of Napa prior to our Spotlight on Wine voyage from San Francisco to Vancouver aboard Seven Seas Mariner.  

This special program includes gourmet dinners and wine offerings/parings from each Harlan venue (Meadowood/ Promontory/Napa Valley Reserve) as well as access to winemakers, historians and business leaders from the Napa Valley. Morning breakfast sessions will include presentations about the history of the Harlan Domain and a special “sneak peek” at the famous Auction Napa Valley that will take place at Meadowood following the visit. Guests will be treated to special blending sessions, with the wines produced at these sessions then featured at tastings aboard the Seven Seas Mariner during the ensuing voyage to Alaska and beyond.

Besides the Meadowood Resort and Spa, we will experience two very special venues for our evening events. The new Promontory winery represents the Harlan family’s attempt to be more accessible—a relative term, granted, when you’re in Napa, and when you’re a Harlan.  So unlike Harlan Estate, famously shuttered to the public, the magnificent Promontory winery opened to the public for tastings in late 2018. The Napa Valley Reserve is a private club with a membership of approximately 500 couples who share a passion for wine and the way of life that surrounds it. The Reserve conducts events that explore a variety of topics including grape growing, winemaking, and the culinary arts. With special permission, guests will enjoy a very special evening of food and wine at both Harlan venues. (Each guest will receive a $250 credit to apply to various afternoon activities when guests are free to explore Meadowood and the Napa Valley with all its gems.)

Pricing for this exclusive 3-day pre-cruise excursion is $4299.00 USD per person (based on double occupancy) or $5199.00 USD per single. Optional extras include an additional night's stay, private transfers and more. Please contact your travel agent or a Regent representative at 866-603-8485 for complete information. 

Scheduled guests for this pre-cruise adventure as well as this exciting ssailing include...

  • Amanda Harlan: Born and raised in the Napa Valley, Amanda Harlan grew up listening to her father speak on the importance of creating something that would last for generations.  From a young age, Amanda devoted much of her time to her passion for riding horses. This passion would ultimately lead her to spend three consecutive years riding Dressage for the U.S. Junior Olympic team, for whom she earned three medals. A Psychology graduate of University of Southern California, Amanda spent her college years working in the wine industry for LVMH, deepening her curiosity and knowledge of wine. Passionately following in her brother’s footsteps, Amanda lives in Los Angeles and Napa and has begun working in the family business as the “Domain Ambassador” promoting the Harlan Domain worldwide;
  • Will Harlan: Will is Managing Director of Promontory Winery, part of the Harlan Family Domain.  Developing Promontory, as both a vineyard property and a wine brand, might from the outside look like a thrill seeker’s gamble. In the foothills of Mount Veeder, straddling Oakville and Yountville’s borderlands, the vineyard doesn’t fall within the boundaries of any AVA. Two seismic fault lines bisect it. Averaging a 40 percent slope, it’s nearly too precipitous for cultivation. Scarcely 10 percent of the 840-acre territory is plantable.  Bill Harlan likes to talk about having a “200-year plan” for his businesses. Phase one is securing a successor. That’s how 31-year-old Will has come to play such a large role in Promontory, and Cory Empting — the 36-year-old winemaker for Harlan Estate and Bond under long time director of winegrowing Bob Levy — to assume the new winery’s director position.  The decision to open Promontory to the public feels like an acknowledgment that luxury branding is now better served in transparency than in secrecy. Harlan Estate, lavish secluded wine palace never intended for public eyes, thrived on mystery, but building a wine business — or any business — in 2019 demands face-to-face connection. “We know how important it is to have direct relationships with people and look forward to introducing Regent guests to the Harlan Domain";
  • Phillip Norfleet: For 16 years, Phillip Norfleet has been Director of The Napa Valley Reserve.  The Reserve is an ultra-premium winery and club producing one of the worlds the finest cabernets crafted by the Harlan Estate winemaking team to the same exacting standards as other wines in the portfolio. The club is structured with a membership similar to a private golf club, the common thread being an interest in the wine experience. All wine produced is for the members only and is not available commercially. Members may participate as much or as little as they desire in all aspects of the experience of having their own vineyard and winery without the risk and demands of ownership. With members both local and around the world The Reserve has received accolades for its innovative design, engaging experience and above all, its superlative wine.

To be included in Spotlight on Wine activities on this sailing, please ask your travel agent or a Regent sales representative to include the amenity code “WINE” on your booking.

Scheduled Artful Travelers ports, fares, guests and dates are subject to change.